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  • Deck Spacer

    Deck Spacer is the perfect tool to ensure uniform spaces between deck boards, and to align deck screws during construction.

    • Straight, consistent spacing results in a professional looking finish
    • Each Deck Spacer offers the most common gap dimensions in deck construction
    • Proper spacing allows water and debris to fall through the deck surface
    • Works with both treated lumber and composite decking
    See Demo    Sell Sheet

  • Deck Plus rolling rack

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    Deck Plus exterior bolts, nuts & washers are ideal for deck building and exterior wood projects. Deck Plus bolts, nuts & washers match the tan color of Deck Plus deck screws which complements treated wood and cedar projects. These coated products will not bleed or stain cedar or redwood like zinc and galvanized plated fasteners.

    • 20x the protection of zinc; 2x the protection of galvanized
    • 4 layers of protection from sun, rain, snow, and chemicals found in treated lumber
    • Hardware built for results, guaranteed for life

  • WallClaw Hammer-In Drywall Anchor

    See Demo

    • No pre-drilling required
    • Installs in seconds
    • Works in 1/2" & 5/8" drywall
    • Easy to remove, leaves only a small slit